Author: William Shakespeare

    Welcome to this page where you can find information and listen to the audiobook of the famous book Hamlet. It is really an old yet brilliant book that was publish in the year of 1602. You can find a link below to read the eBook version online and also download it so that you can read it offline. This is a book without copyright and it is currently under the public domain.

    The audiobook of Hamlet is going to give you a nice listening experience of 3 hours and 53 minutes long. This is an audiobook that can be listened too here and it is divided into 6 sections. If you are wondering what genre this book belongs to, it is a Literature book. You may also consider it as a Drama book. The mp3 file size is 107MB. You may want to listen to the book here without downloading it. I have also included the link to read the eBook version here. It is a 97-page long. This is an audiobook narrated by Elizabeth Klett.

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    1: Dramatis Personae (duration: 00:02:42)
    2: Act 1 (duration: 00:51:10)
    3: Act 2 (duration: 00:41:11)
    4: Act 3 (duration: 00:55:03)
    5: Act 4 (duration: 00:39:44)
    6: Act 5 (duration: 00:43:30)