How to Speak and Write Correctly

    Author: Joseph Devlin

    This popular old book is called ‘How to Speak and Write Correctly’ and the author is Joseph Devlin. Not only that you are going to listen to the full audiobook here, you will also be able to read the ebook version online or even download the ebook PDF or EPub file. Both the full audiobook download link and the part by part listen online link can be found below. I want to quickly mention that this book is an old book that is under the public domain and it can now be re-used.

    How to Speak and Write Correctly is going to take you 5 hours and 42 minutes to finish. This is an audiobook that can be listened too here and it is divided into 16 sections. It can be categorized as a Education & Professional book. The mp3 file size is 164.2MB. You may want to listen to the book here without downloading it. There is also a link for downloading the eBook text version here in this page. The text version of this book has 138 pages. It is an audiobook that is narrated by Andrew Lebrun, David Barnes, Ophelia Darcy, Sean McGaughey, Kara Shallenberg, Rosalind Wills, Hugh McGuire, Esther, Kristin Hughes, Denny Sayers (d. 2015), and Kirsten Ferreri.

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    1: Introduction (duration: 00:02:31)
    2: Requirements of Speech (duration: 00:12:43)
    3: Essentials of English Grammar (duration: 00:40:46)
    4: The Sentence (duration: 00:29:20)
    5: Figurative Language (duration: 00:17:34)
    6: Punctuation (duration: 00:33:10)
    7: Letter Writing (duration: 00:26:31)
    8: Errors (duration: 00:26:37)
    9: Pitfalls to Avoid (duration: 00:37:21)
    10: Style (duration: 00:27:44)
    11: Suggestions (duration: 00:18:34)
    12: Slang (duration: 00:17:37)
    13: Writing for Newspapers (duration: 00:18:59)
    14: Choice of Words (duration: 00:13:33)
    15: English Language (duration: 00:14:22)
    16: Masters and Masterpieces of Literature (duration: 00:04:39)