Kriloff’s Fables

    Author: Ivan Krylov

    Kriloff’s Fables is a very classic book that is written by Ivan Krylov. At the moment, we are not able to find the eBook copy for you but listening to the audiobook should be very enjoyable. Feel free to download the audiobook version here or simply listen online in the below section. The book is under public domain and, in most cases, it is free to re-use and re-distributed.

    The audiobook of Kriloff's Fables is going to give you a nice listening experience of 2 hours and 59 minutes long. This is an audiobook that can be listened too here and it is divided into 10 sections. It can be categorized as a Literature book. It can also be categorized as a Short Stories book. For your information, the mp3 file size of this audiobook is 86.3MB. If you are looking for a text version of this book, try look around on Amazon. This version is narrated by Kevin W. Davidson.

    Download MP3 of the Full Audiobook (Free)

    Listen to the Free Audiobook Here Online:

    1: 00 - Introduction (duration: 00:31:52)
    2: 01 - The Mice in Council - The Pike - The Eagle and the Mole - The Bear Among the Bees - The Peasant and the Sheep - The Oak and the Reed - The Gnat and the Shepherd - The Chest - The Fox and the Marmot - The Wolves and the Sheep (duration: 00:18:53)
    3: 02 - The Elephant as Governor - The Man and His Shadow - The Eagle and the Bee - The Liar - The Pond and the River - The Merchant - The Nightingales - Demyan's Fish Soup - The Cock and the Pearl - The Cornflower (duration: 00:19:34)
    4: 03 - The Fly and the Bee - The Quartet - The Ducat - The Eagle and the Spider - The Peasant and the Robber - The Lion and the Panther - The Wolf in the Kennel - Apelles and the Young Ass - The Miser - The Sightseer (duration: 00:18:10)
    5: 04 - The Mirror and the Monkey - The Tree - The Brook - The Kite - The Impious - The Mouse and the Rat - The Two Peasants - The Lion and the Fox - The Peasant and Snake - The Barrel (duration: 00:15:08)
    6: 05 - The Fox - The Sheep and the Dogs - The Geese - The Peasants and the River - The Wolf and the Cat - The Hermit and the Bear - The Eagle and the Fowls - The Aged Lion - The Man with Three Wives - The Cloud (duration: 00:17:44)
    7: 06 - The Sportsman - The Lion, the Chamois and the Fox - The Workman and the Peasant - Fortune and the Beggar - The Hare and the Hunt - The Mistress and Her Two Maids - Trishka's Coat - The Ant - The Cuckoo and the Eagle - The False Accusation (duration: 00:19:35)
    8: 07 - The Swimmer and the Sea - Three Peasants - The Swan, the Pike and the Crayfish - The Wolf and the Stork - The Oracle - The Slanderer and the Snake - The Ape - The Sack - The Boy and the Snake - The Peasant in Trouble (duration: 00:16:28)
    9: 08 - The Pike and the Cat - The Leaves and the Roots - Two Casks - The Parishoner - The Monkey and the Spectacles - The Raven and the Fox - The Funeral - The Division - The Ass and Nightingale - The Frog and the Ox (duration: 00:14:14)
    10: 09 - The Elephant and the Pug - The Lamb - The Steed and His Rider - The Finch and the Pigeon - The Snake and the Lamb - The Grandee (duration: 00:08:13)