Author: Marcus Aurelius

    The book Meditations is written by Marcus Aurelius. It was first released in 180. Go check out the link to read the e-book version below if you prefer reading over listening. Download the entire audiobook as a zip file or listen here online. As a public domain book, this book is copyright-free and it is free to be used in anyway you want.

    Meditations is a 6 hours and 59 minutes long audiobook to listen to. This is a book that contains 15 sections. If you are wondering what genre this book belongs to, it is a Literature book. You may also consider it as a Ancient & Medieval Classics book. The full audiobook has a file size of 201.3MB. I have also included the link to read the eBook version here. The book has 203 pages. This version is narrated by Aegist, Kevin McAsh, davyobrian, Cicorée, ontheroad, Fr. Richard Zeile of Detroit, ML Cohen, and Leon Mire.

    Download MP3 of the Full Audiobook (Free)

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    1: Introduction (duration: 00:02:47)
    2: Chapter 1 (duration: 00:16:25)
    3: Chapter 2 (duration: 00:13:49)
    4: Chapter 3 (duration: 00:17:40)
    5: Chapter 4 (duration: 00:28:45)
    6: Chapter 5 (duration: 00:32:36)
    7: Chapter 6 (duration: 00:27:43)
    8: Chapter 7 (duration: 00:32:37)
    9: Chapter 8 (duration: 00:35:59)
    10: Chapter 9 (duration: 00:32:49)
    11: Chapter 10 (duration: 00:28:36)
    12: Chapter 11 (duration: 00:25:43)
    13: Chapter 12 (duration: 00:22:52)
    14: M. Aurelius Antoninus (duration: 00:42:55)
    15: The Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius (duration: 00:58:04)