Richard II (Makers of History Series)

    Author: Jacob Abbott

    If you are to listen to a very nice audiobook, you are in the right place. Richard II (Makers of History Series) is a very classic book that is written by Jacob Abbott. You are likely going to find a free eBook copy of this book somewhere else. You can find the zip file download link or the individual part-by-part mp3 links here. By the way, this book is in the public domain meaning that it is a copyright-free book that is free to share and re-use.

    The audiobook version of Richard II (Makers of History Series) takes around 5 hours and 22 minutes to finish listening to. The book is divided into 14 sections. It can be categorized as a Biography book. It can also be viewed as a Political Figures book. For your information, the mp3 file size of this audiobook is 154.7MB. We didn't find any text version of this book yet. Please listen to the audiobook first. This version of audiobook is narrated by Cate Barratt.

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    1: 01 - Preface and Chapter I. Richard's Predecessors (duration: 00:24:28)
    2: 02 - Chapter II. Quarrels (duration: 00:34:16)
    3: 03 - Chapter III. The Black Prince (duration: 00:20:40)
    4: 04 - Chapter IV. The Battle of Poictiers (duration: 00:34:12)
    5: 05 - Chapter V. Childhood of Richard (duration: 00:25:49)
    6: 06 - Chapter VI. Accession to the Throne (duration: 00:17:33)
    7: 07 - Chapter VII. The Coronation (duration: 00:13:35)
    8: 08 - Chapter VIII. Chivalry (duration: 00:28:16)
    9: 09 - Chapter IX. Wat Tyler's Insurrection (duration: 00:26:38)
    10: 10 - Chapter X. The End of the Insurrection (duration: 00:19:44)
    11: 11 - Chapter XI. Good Queen Anne (duration: 00:17:32)
    12: 12 - Chapter XII. Incidents of the Reign (duration: 00:21:35)
    13: 13 - Chapter XIII. The Little Queen (duration: 00:14:57)
    14: 14 - Chapter XIV. Richard's Deposition and Death (duration: 00:22:58)