Roderick Hudson

    Author: Henry James

    Roderick Hudson is one of the best classic writing you can find. Here, you will be able to listen to or download the audiobook (mp3) version of it. At the moment, we are not able to find the eBook copy for you but listening to the audiobook should be very enjoyable. This is a book without copyright and it is currently under the public domain.

    Roderick Hudson is a 13 hours and 21 minutes long audiobook to listen to. This is a book that contains 25 sections. This book can be viewed as a Literature book. It can also be categorized as a American Classics book. The mp3 file size is 384.8MB. You may want to listen to the book here without downloading it. For the text version, you may have to look elsewhere as we aren't not able to find the eBook version of this title. This version is narrated by Nicholas Clifford.

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    1: Chapter I, Part A (duration: 00:32:21)
    2: Chapter I, Part B (duration: 00:29:59)
    3: Chapter II, Part A (duration: 00:33:14)
    4: Chapter II, Part B (duration: 00:34:50)
    5: Chapter III, Part A (duration: 00:35:30)
    6: Chapter III, Part B (duration: 00:35:15)
    7: Chapter IV, Part A (duration: 00:36:47)
    8: Chapter IV, Part B (duration: 00:27:08)
    9: Chapter V Part A (duration: 00:35:00)
    10: Chapter V, Part B (duration: 00:32:01)
    11: Chapter VI, Part A (duration: 00:31:16)
    12: Chapter VI, Part B (duration: 00:28:11)
    13: Chapter VII, Part A (duration: 00:32:38)
    14: Chapter VII, Part B (duration: 00:21:27)
    15: Chapter VIII (duration: 00:46:49)
    16: Chapter IX, Part A (duration: 00:24:21)
    17: Chapter IX, Part B (duration: 00:24:59)
    18: Chapter X, Part A (duration: 00:27:30)
    19: Chapter X, Part B (duration: 00:29:18)
    20: Chapter X, Part C (duration: 00:29:36)
    21: Chapter XI, Part A (duration: 00:37:48)
    22: Chapter XI, Part B (duration: 00:35:13)
    23: Chapter XII, Part A (duration: 00:25:12)
    24: Chapter XII, Part B (duration: 00:27:39)
    25: Chapter XIII (duration: 00:47:25)