Romeo and Juliet

    Author: William Shakespeare

    Welcome to this page where you can find information and listen to the audiobook of the famous book Romeo and Juliet. Go check out the link to read the e-book version below if you prefer reading over listening. By the way, this book is in the public domain meaning that it is a copyright-free book that is free to share and re-use.

    The audiobook of Romeo and Juliet is going to give you a nice listening experience of 3 hours and 02 minutes long. The audiobook has 5 sections, including the introduction and the appendice, etc. It can be categorized as a Literature book. It also is a European Classics book. The full audiobook has a file size of 83MB. We are able to find the public domain eBook text version of this book too. It is an audiobook that is entirely narrated by Becky Miller.

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    1: Act 1 (duration: 00:46:15)
    2: Act 2 (duration: 00:39:46)
    3: Act 3 (duration: 00:45:32)
    4: Act 4 (duration: 00:23:40)
    5: Act 5 (duration: 00:26:49)