Round the Moon

    Author: Jules Verne

    If you are to listen to a very nice audiobook, you are in the right place. Round the Moon is a very classic book that is written by Jules Verne. You are likely going to find a free eBook copy of this book somewhere else. You can find the zip file download link or the individual part-by-part mp3 links here. The book is under public domain and, in most cases, it is free to re-use and re-distributed.

    Round the Moon is an audiobook that has the length of around 6 hours and 03 minutes long. This is an audiobook that can be listened too here and it is divided into 24 sections. It falls under the category of Literature books. It is also a European Classics book. The mp3 file has the file size of 174.4MB. We didn't find any text version of this book yet. Please listen to the audiobook first. This version is narrated by Laurie Anne Walden, Leonie Rose, Lizzie Driver, Esther, Scott Robbins, Tammy Sanders, and webslog.

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    1: Preliminary Chapter (duration: 00:10:14)
    2: 20 Minutes Past Ten to 47 Minutes Past Ten P.M. (p. 108) (duration: 00:13:06)
    3: The First Half-Hour (p. 112) (duration: 00:26:29)
    4: Their Place of Shelter (p. 121) (duration: 00:19:42)
    5: A Little Algebra (p. 128) (duration: 00:11:47)
    6: The Cold of Space (p. 134) (duration: 00:18:36)
    7: Question and Answer (p. 141) (duration: 00:15:40)
    8: A Moment of Intoxication (p. 147) (duration: 00:20:01)
    9: At Seventy-Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Fourteen Leagues (p. 154) (duration: 00:20:23)
    10: The Consequences of a Deviation (p. 161) (duration: 00:12:33)
    11: The Observers of the Moon (p. 166) (duration: 00:07:19)
    12: Fancy and Reality (p. 168) (duration: 00:07:07)
    13: Orographic Details (p. 171) (duration: 00:14:45)
    14: Lunar Landscapes (p. 176) (duration: 00:17:06)
    15: The Night of Three Hundred and Fifty-Four Hours and a Half (p. 181) (duration: 00:18:58)
    16: Hyperbola or Parabola (p. 188) (duration: 00:22:58)
    17: The Southern Hemisphere (p. 195) (duration: 00:04:59)
    18: Tycho (p. 197) (duration: 00:17:46)
    19: Grave Questions (p. 202) (duration: 00:16:29)
    20: A Struggle Against the Impossible (p. 208) (duration: 00:18:48)
    21: The Soundings of the Susquehanna (p. 216) (duration: 00:10:43)
    22: J.T. Maston Recalled (p. 220) (duration: 00:14:50)
    23: Recovered From the Sea (p. 226) (duration: 00:15:47)
    24: The End (p. 231) (duration: 00:06:56)