The Canterbury Tales

    Author: Geoffrey Chaucer

    The book The Canterbury Tales is written by Geoffrey Chaucer. This is a book that was first released in 14th century. Another good news for you is that you can also find the ebook version here (read online or download pdf, epub, etc. to your favorite device). Feel free to download the audiobook version here or simply listen online in the below section. By the way, this book is in the public domain meaning that it is a copyright-free book that is free to share and re-use.

    The Canterbury Tales is an audiobook that has the length of around 19 hours and 23 minutes long. The book is divided into 29 sections. This book can be viewed as a Literature book. It is also a Ancient & Medieval Classics book. The mp3 file has the file size of 533MB. There is also a link for downloading the eBook text version here in this page. It is a 860-page long. The audiobook is narrated by Gesine, Chip, Thomas Hoover, Ted Delorme, Gord Mackenzie, Alex Foster, Kristin LeMoine, Kara Shallenberg, Cynthia Lyons (1946-2011), Joshua Young, Fox in the Stars, David Barnes, Gwen, Jim Mowatt, Kirsten Ferreri, Andy Minter (1934-2017), Graham Williams, Alys AtteWater, and Robert Foster.

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    1: Preface (duration: 00:06:21)
    2: The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer (duration: 00:58:18)
    3: The General Prologue (duration: 00:39:00)
    4: The Knight’s Tale, Part 1 (duration: 01:06:20)
    5: The Knight's Tale, Part 2 (duration: 01:19:51)
    6: The Miller's Tale (duration: 00:54:42)
    7: The Reeve's Tale (duration: 00:23:26)
    8: The Cook's Tale (duration: 00:07:51)
    9: The Men of Law's Tale (duration: 01:19:51)
    10: The Wife of Bath's Tale (duration: 01:03:23)
    11: The Friar's Tale (duration: 00:22:53)
    12: The Sompnour's Tale (duration: 00:43:03)
    13: The Clerk's Tale (duration: 01:20:06)
    14: The Merchant's Tale (duration: 01:21:25)
    15: The Squire's Tale (duration: 00:43:41)
    16: The Franklin's Tale (duration: 00:31:34)
    17: The Doctor's Tale (duration: 00:17:01)
    18: The Pardoner's Tale (duration: 00:40:02)
    19: The Shipman's Tale (duration: 00:27:36)
    20: The Prioress's Tale (duration: 00:15:06)
    21: The Tale of Sir Thopas (duration: 00:10:12)
    22: Chaucer’s Tale of Meliboeus (duration: 00:36:01)
    23: The Monk's Tale (duration: 00:47:29)
    24: The Nun’s Priest’s Tale (duration: 00:47:07)
    25: The Second Nun’s Tale (duration: 00:27:43)
    26: The Canons Yeoman’s Tale (duration: 00:37:28)
    27: The Manciple’s Tale (duration: 00:17:04)
    28: The Parson’s Tale (duration: 00:54:57)
    29: Preces de Chauceres (duration: 00:03:48)