The Dhammapada

    Author: Buddha

    The Dhammapada is a very classic book that is written by Buddha. Not only that you are going to listen to the full audiobook here, you will also be able to read the ebook version online or even download the ebook PDF or EPub file. Both the full audiobook download link and the part by part listen online link can be found below. I want to quickly mention that this book is an old book that is under the public domain and it can now be re-used.

    The Dhammapada is going to take you 02 hours and 23 minutes to finish. This is a book that contains 26 sections. If you are wondering what genre this book belongs to, it is a Religion & Spirituality book. It can also be categorized as a Buddhism book. The full audiobook has a file size of 67MB. We are able to find the public domain eBook text version of this book too. It is a 42-page long. This version of audiobook is narrated by Jothi Tharavant.

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    1: Chapter I. The Twin-Verses (duration: 00:07:46)
    2: Chapter II. On Earnestness (duration: 00:04:31)
    3: Chapter III. Thought (duration: 00:03:38)
    4: Chapter IV. Flowers (duration: 00:05:20)
    5: Chapter V. The Fool (duration: 00:05:38)
    6: Chapter VI. The Wise Man (Pandita) (duration: 00:04:44)
    7: Chapter VII. The Venerable (Arhat). (duration: 00:03:42)
    8: Chapter VIII. The Thousands (duration: 00:04:58)
    9: Chapter IX. Evil (duration: 00:04:23)
    10: Chapter X. Punishment (duration: 00:05:32)
    11: Chapter XI. Old Age (duration: 00:03:47)
    12: Chapter XII. Self (duration: 00:03:49)
    13: Chapter XIII. The World (duration: 00:03:51)
    14: Chapter XIV. The Buddha (The Awakened) (duration: 00:06:20)
    15: Chapter XV. Happiness (duration: 00:04:26)
    16: Chapter XVI. Pleasure (duration: 00:04:09)
    17: Chapter XVII. Anger (duration: 00:04:52)
    18: Chapter XVIII. Impurity (duration: 00:06:30)
    19: Chapter XIX. The Just (duration: 00:04:59)
    20: Chapter XX. The Way (duration: 00:05:04)
    21: Chapter XXI. Miscellaneous (duration: 00:04:38)
    22: Chapter XXII. The Downward Course (duration: 00:04:48)
    23: Chapter XXIII. The Elephant (duration: 00:04:37)
    24: Chapter XXIV. Thirst (duration: 00:09:38)
    25: Chapter XXV. The Bhikshu (Mendicant) (duration: 00:08:14)
    26: Chapter XXVI. The Brahmana (Arhat) (duration: 00:13:06)