The Happy Prince and Other Tales

    Author: Oscar Wilde

    The Happy Prince and Other Tales is a classic book and now you can find the audiobook version of it here. The book was released for the first time in 1888. Not only that you are going to listen to the full audiobook here, you will also be able to read the ebook version online or even download the ebook PDF or EPub file. This is a book without copyright and it is currently under the public domain.

    The Happy Prince and Other Tales is an audiobook that has the length of around 01 hours and 51 minutes long. This is a book that contains 5 sections. This book can be viewed as a Literature book. It is also a Short Stories book. The full audiobook has a file size of 52MB. I have also included the link to read the eBook version here. It is a 51-page long. This is an audiobook narrated by Phil Chenevert.

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    1: The Happy Prince (duration: 00:24:01)
    2: The Nightingale and the Rose (duration: 00:15:56)
    3: The Selfish Giant (duration: 00:11:21)
    4: The Devoted Friend (duration: 00:27:32)
    5: The Remarkable Rocket (duration: 00:32:33)