The Lausiac History

    Author: Palladius

    This popular old book is called ‘The Lausiac History’ and the author is Palladius. No eBook version can be found yet but I will add that to this page as soon as I find it. You can find the zip file download link or the individual part-by-part mp3 links here. By the way, this book is in the public domain meaning that it is a copyright-free book that is free to share and re-use.

    The audiobook of The Lausiac History is going to give you a nice listening experience of 04 hours and 32 minutes long. This is a book that contains 10 sections. This book is simply a classic History book. It is also a Ancient & Medieval History book. For your information, the mp3 file size of this audiobook is 128MB. There is no eBook text version of the book that can be found here. This is an audiobook narrated by A LibriVox Volunteer.

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    1: Introductory Pieces (duration: 00:20:18)
    2: Isidore, Dorotheus, Potamiaena, Didymus the Blind, Alexandra, The Rich Virgin, The Monks of Nitria, Amoun of Nitria (duration: 00:24:01)
    3: Or, Pambo, Ammonius, Benjamin, Apollonius, Paesius and Isaias, Macarius the Younger, Nathanael, Macarius of Egypt (duration: 00:27:10)
    4: Macarius of Alexandria, Moses the Robber, Paul (duration: 00:27:04)
    5: Eulogius and the Cripple, Paul the Simple, Pachon, Stephen, Valens, Heron, Ptolemy (duration: 00:31:51)
    6: A Virgin Who Fell, Elias, Dorotheus, Piamoun, Pachomius and the Tabennesiots, The Tabennesiot Nuns, The Nun Who Feigned Madness (St. Isidora), John of Lycopolis (duration: 00:30:46)
    7: Posidonius, Sarapion the Sindonite, Evagrius Ponticus, Pior, Ephraim, Holy Women (duration: 00:34:33)
    8: Julian, Adolius, Innocent, Philoromus, Melania the Elder, Chronius and Paphnuntius, Elpidius (duration: 00:27:32)
    9: Sisinnius, Gaddanas, Elias, Sabas, Abramius, The Elder Melania, Silvania, Olympias, Candida, The Monks of Antinoe, Amma Talis and Taor, Collythus, Melania the Younger, Pammachius (duration: 00:27:07)
    10: The Virgin and Athanasius, Juliana, Hippolytus, Verus the Ex-Count, Magna, The Compassionate Monk, The Nun Who Fell, A Reader Unjustly Accused, The Brother Who is with the Writer (duration: 00:22:36)