The New Swiss Family Robinson

    Author: Owen Wister

    This popular old book is called ‘The New Swiss Family Robinson’ and the author is Owen Wister. The book was released for the first time in 1849. Not only that you are going to listen to the full audiobook here, you will also be able to read the ebook version online or even download the ebook PDF or EPub file. Feel free to download the audiobook version here or simply listen online in the below section. As a public domain book, this book is copyright-free and it is free to be used in anyway you want.

    The New Swiss Family Robinson is an audiobook that has the length of around 1 hours and 28 minutes long. The audiobook has 8 sections, including the introduction and the appendice, etc. If you are wondering what genre this book belongs to, it is a Arts & Entertainment book. It also is a Comedy book. The file size of the audiobook mp3 file is 42.3MB. There is also a copyright-free version of the eBook version and you can find its link in this page too. The text version of this book has 358 pages. It is an audiobook that is entirely narrated by David Wales.

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    1: Preface to Second Edition and Prefatory Note (duration: 00:05:06)
    2: Chapter 1 The Wreck - The Arrival (duration: 00:10:08)
    3: Chapter 2 Our Haven - A Curious Animal - A Tropical Picnic (duration: 00:11:12)
    4: Chapter 3 An Exploring Expedition - A Tiger - Franz's Accident - Strange Habits Of The Monkeys (duration: 00:12:20)
    5: Chapter 4 Our Proposed New Abode - The Iguana - The Boilstone (duration: 00:09:49)
    6: Chapter 5 We Build Our House - The Zebra - A Sail (duration: 00:12:27)
    7: Chapter 6 The Arrival - Our Visitors - The Anaconda (duration: 00:11:52)
    8: Chapter 7 For Better Or For Worse (duration: 00:15:13)