Twelve Years a Slave

    Author: Solomon Northup

    The classic book titled ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ is written by Solomon NORTHUP (1808 – c. 1864-18). The book was released for the first time in 1873. Let’s also read the eBook version to get the full experience. Download the entire audiobook as a zip file or listen here online. This is a book without copyright and it is currently under the public domain.

    Twelve Years a Slave is a 8 hours and 04 minutes long audiobook to listen to. This is an audiobook that can be listened too here and it is divided into 23 sections. This book is simply a classic Social Sciences book. It is also a Multicultural Studies book. The mp3 file has the file size of 233.7MB. There is also a copyright-free version of the eBook version and you can find its link in this page too. The eBook version is 341-page long. This version is narrated by Rob Board.

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    1: Chapter I (duration: 00:16:27)
    2: Chapter II (duration: 00:17:59)
    3: Chapter III (duration: 00:22:41)
    4: Chapter IV (duration: 00:16:53)
    5: Chapter V (duration: 00:20:19)
    6: Chapter VI (duration: 00:17:27)
    7: Chapter VII (duration: 00:23:59)
    8: Chapter VIII (duration: 00:18:37)
    9: Chapter IX (duration: 00:19:46)
    10: Chapter X (duration: 00:23:06)
    11: Chapter XI (duration: 00:24:08)
    12: Chapter XII (duration: 00:21:31)
    13: Chapter XIII (duration: 00:23:50)
    14: Chapter XIV (duration: 00:25:49)
    15: Chapter XV (duration: 00:22:23)
    16: Chapter XVI (duration: 00:19:41)
    17: Chapter XVII (duration: 00:20:12)
    18: Chapter XVIII (duration: 00:18:19)
    19: Chapter XIX (duration: 00:23:11)
    20: Chapter XX (duration: 00:13:52)
    21: Chapter XXI (duration: 00:30:59)
    22: Chapter XXII (duration: 00:18:34)
    23: Appendix (duration: 00:25:00)