What Prohibition Has Done to America

    Author: Fabian Franklin

    This classic book is titled ‘What Prohibition Has Done to America’ and it is written by Fabian Franklin. Although no eBook version is found by me but listening to the audiobook is really a nice experience. Feel free to download the audiobook version here or simply listen online in the below section. I want to quickly mention that this book is an old book that is under the public domain and it can now be re-used.

    The audiobook version of What Prohibition Has Done to America takes around 2 hours and 21 minutes to finish listening to. There are 11 sections for this particular audiobook version. It can be categorized as a History book. It can also be viewed as a American History book. The file size of the audiobook mp3 file is 65MB. We didn't find any text version of this book yet. Please listen to the audiobook first. This is an audiobook narrated by Joshua B. Christensen, Leon Mire, Great Plains, Carolyn Lawson, Sibella Denton, and jude kaider.

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    1: 01 - Perverting the Constitution (duration: 00:10:22)
    2: 02 - Creating a Nation of Lawbreakers (duration: 00:10:50)
    3: 03 - Destroying Our Federal System (duration: 00:12:39)
    4: 04 - How the Amendment Was Put Through (duration: 00:13:45)
    5: 05 - The Law Makers and the Law (duration: 00:06:56)
    6: 06 - The Law Enforcers and the Law (duration: 00:10:26)
    7: 07 - Nature of the Prohibitionist Tyranny (duration: 00:18:36)
    8: 08 - One Half of One Percent (duration: 00:10:01)
    9: 09 - Prohibition and Liberty (duration: 00:24:21)
    10: 10 - Prohibition and Socialism (duration: 00:12:48)
    11: 11 - Is There Any Way Out? (duration: 00:10:56)